IMH Services

Our professional services (available in the English, Sinhala and Tamil language) include:

  1. Providing confidential and personalised psychological and mental health counselling and support services for teens, couples, adults, the elderly, groups and corporations.
  2. Psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy services for individuals or small groups.
  3. We provide training programs for people who work in the helping professions, or who work in community service organisations, to improve their skills and their understanding of psychological counselling and mental health.
  4. We provide courses and training programs for parents, teachers and others who work with children to assist them to understand how they can foster the knowledge and skills for good mental health throughout life.
  5. We provide programs for organisations to assist them to promote mental health and to reduce the impact that mental illnesses have on their workforce.
  6. Design and conduct of public workshops and seminars on psychological counseling and psychotherapy, mental health, stress management, child psychology and positive attitude and thinking for success and happiness.
  7. Design and conduct of short duration (8 to 12 weeks) Certificate and Diploma level small group and individual fast-track courses and training programs in psychology, child psychology, counseling and psychotherapy, mental health, and stress management.
  8. We undertake and conduct programs to reduce the stigma associated with psychological and mental illnesses and to encourage individuals to seek help if they experience social or emotional distress.
  9. Promote education, training and learning resources and the creation of greater awareness and understanding among the public through research and the dissemination of knowledge, standards, ethics and innovations in the field of mental health counselling and psychotherapy to the public in Sri Lanka.
  10. Promote positive mental health for all by emphasizing a person-focused service that is integrated, comprehensive, accessible and cost effective.
  11. Promote human rights awareness and education by conducting free seminars and workshops on the UN-Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).