Welcome to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our three official IMH Latin Mottos:

“mens sana in corpore sano” - (a healthy mind in a healthy body)
"mutare vivendi viam vestram" - (change your way of living)
"nil sine studio" - (nothing without study)

Ayubowan! - ආයුබෝවන්  (āyubōvan) (May you live long!). Vanakkam! - வணக்கம் (Adoration, Worship, Reverence, Respect, Submission, etc.). As-Salaam-Alaikum! ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎ (Peace be upon you). Greetings and welcome to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in Colombo-04, Sri Lanka website. Our aim is to provide and promote positive mental health and wellness services and education and training opportunities for all. We have been operating successfully since our inception in Colombo 03 in August 2007 as a private educational and research Institute and we conduct regular short-duration small group and individual Internationally Recognized and fully Accredited Certificate and Diploma level Courses and Training programs and online (distance learning) accredited courses in general psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, life coaching, relationship coaching, child and adolescent psychology, speech and language therapy, positive and responsible parenting, educational psychology, abnormal psychology, health psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, CBT, DBT, human rights, neuroscience, diet and nutrition, special education,  human rights, psychotraumatology and the psychology of addictions and substance abuse. We also conduct regular public seminars and workshops on relevant and important topics related to Psychology, Suicide Prevention, Counselling and Mental Health in Colombo.


We also provide face-to-face and online confidential and personalized psychological counselling and psychotherapy sessions and consultations on request for individuals (teens, adults, couples, elderly citizens) and groups. Clinical hypnotherapy consultations and sessions are also made available for students, clients, organizations and the general public for effective relaxation and stress management, increasing self-esteem, phobia cure, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, behavioral addictions, alcohol and smoking cessation, drug and substance abuse, overcoming social anxiety and mild depression and for achieving accelerated behavioral changes and personal growth.

Institute of Mental Health - Most Innovative Counselling Services Sri Lanka - Global Excellence Awards 2017 - Certificate

Please take some time to explore this site and drop us a line if you require any more information or clarification about our professional and confidential counseling and psychotherapy services, clinical hypnotherapy services, our psychology and mental health related courses/classes, or if you have any other suggestions or comments.

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

- John Green, 2019

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We wish you continued health and happiness and we look forward to hear from you soon!

Opening Days and Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

"Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth. Feed it love." - Unknown

Honorary Patron of the IMH

H.E. Amb. Gen. Sir Divakar Chandra Sarkar, ONU, CCK, ELLD, MD, JD, SJD, DPS, Ph.D., FAMDA - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, United Nations, President and Chief Judge, UN Inter-Governmental Special Court of Arbitration, Lt. General and Inspector General, H-WIPC Interpol Command

Honorary VICE Patron of the IMH

Prof. Dr. Gabriel C. D. Lopes, Ph.D.(Psychoanalysis), President of Logos University International, Brazil and Florida, USA and President of the Brazilian Association of Psychoanalysis (ABP), Brazil

IMH Board of Management 

Amb. Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS, KStI, KGCOMR, K.St.J., Ph.D.(Psy.), Dh.C.(Florida), B.Sc.(USA), FRSM(UK), FRSPH(UK), FACCPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Grad.Dip.Ed.(London), MBCS(UK), H.I.Dip.(Compl. Therapies), Dip.CBT(UK), Dip.Human Rights (SL) - Founder and Director of Studies. Vice President for South Asia, Ambassador-at-Large Extraordinary and High Commissioner for Social Economy and Mental Health Science, ICDRHRP UN-IGO, (California, USA)  

 Mrs. J. A. Shiranee Jayasinghe, LL.B.(SL), Dip.Mgmt(SL), Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Registered Company Secretary   Academic and Examinations Registrar 

Ms. Yohani De Silva, M.Sc.(Applied Psychology), B.A.(Edu.), HND(UK), CLC(SL), CRC(SL), Cert.CBT(UK), MITBCCT(UK) - Lecturer, Psychotherapist, Life & Relationship Coach and Deputy Academic Registrar


Deshamanya Dr. Ajay Jeyaseelan, MBBS, MCGP(SL), MITBCCT(UK), MBA(Cardiff Met-UK), Dip in Psychology & Counselling (IMH-SL), Adv.Dip. in Teaching & Training ( City & Guilds- UK). Family Physician / Psychological Counselor

Dr. Kalharie N. Pitigala, Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Sciences -University of Colombo, M.Sc. in Clinical and Health Psychology – University of West London , Master in Business Psychology -University of Colombo, Counselling, Child and Adolescent Psychologist (Visiting Consultant) at Asiri Medical Hospitals, Sri Lanka

Dr. N. P. Priyantha Jayasinghe, Psychiatrist

Dr. Kumudini Kodithuwakku, MBBS, M.Sc.(Health and Clinical Psychology), MITBCCT(UK)

Ms. Abinisha Viswalingam, M.Sc.(Applied Psychology), CHt, CLC, CRC, CLAP

Ms. Bhagya Amukotuwe, MBPsS(UK), BSc.(Hons) Psychology (UK), MSc. Psychology (UK), MITBCCT (UK)

Mr. M. A. A. S. Malika Amarasekera, CLC, Attorney-at-Law and Commissioner for Oaths, Consultant in Human Resource Management and Development

Ms. N. L. Jayani K. Karunaratne, LL.B.(UK), LL.M.(UK), CLC, CRC, Attorney-at-Law and Legal Consultant

Team of IMH Counsellors and Psychotherapists


The IMH is an official Institutional signatory of the The SDG Accord global initiative established to inspire, celebrate and advance the critical role that education has in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the value it brings to governments, business and wider society.

The IMH is also an official Academic Signatory of the Education Charter International initiative of CCLP Worldwide.

The IMH is now an official "Mental Health and Wellbeing Partner" of the Rotaract District 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives for the Rotaract Year 2020-21 in building a mentally stronger and healthy community in our very own country.

“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.” - Lisa Olivera, 2022

The Institute of Mental Health is an Affiliate Organization Member of the World Federation for Mental Health - WFMH, USA.

The IMH is Accredited with a 5 Star Grading by The International Commission for Diplomatic Relations, Human Rights and Peace (ICDRHRP), Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), California, USA.

The Institute of Mental Health has received Full Institutional Accreditation by the United Nation Inter-Governmental Organization (UN IGO), USA

The Institute of Mental Health  is Affiliated with the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA), USA, via its Founder and Director Dr. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe who is an Individual Member of the IVETA, USA.

The Institute of Mental Health is an Accredited Training Provider of the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), Ireland The Institute of Mental Health  is Accredited by the International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights (ISCAHR), USA

The IMH is Affiliated with The Canadian Health Sciences Institute (TCHSI), IGO, Canada.

The IMH is a Member of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL)New Zealand.

Dr. Romesh Jayasinghe




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