Certificate Course in Child Psychology – Wednesday Batch

Course Title : Certificate Course in Child Psychology (CCP) – Wednesday Batch
For whom (target group) : This is an essential basic or foundation course for all mothers and mothers-to-be, fathers and fathers-to-be, montessori and primary school teachers, baby sitters and nannies, child care and child protection workers and staff, priests, medical and para-medical officers, social and community child care/health workers, and other professionals and enthusiasts including school leavers interested in gaining a broad and comprehensive understanding and insight of child psychology and child development.

This course will also help you increase your effectiveness in understanding the complex and often dynamic and fascinating biological and psycho-social inter-personal dynamics of early childhood behaviour, problems and developments. It will also contribute to your own personal self-development as a parent, caregiver or teacher, by fostering the ability to better appreciate, evaluate and analyze, empathize, synthesize and communicate with and relate to infants and children more effectively and caringly. Successful completion of this foundation course will also act as a springboard for entry into higher academic or professional Diploma / Advanced or Higher Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree level courses of study in Child Psychology, Psychology, Social Work, Human Behaviour, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Entry Requirements : G.C.E. A/L’s or O/L’s and Fluency of the English language is essential.
Course Duration : 3 Months – part time study
Contact Hours : 3 Hrs. per week
Total No. of Classes : 12 class-contact sessions
Total No. of Contact Hrs : 36 Hrs. of Lectures (class contact time)
Class Times : 2.00 p.m to 5.00 pm (on Wednesdays for the group class) Individual Class: Flexible (3 to 4 hours per week – on weekdays)
Course Modules (Syllabus Outline) :
  1. Introduction to Psychology and Child Psychology
  2. Approaches to Child Development
  3. Growth / Development / Maturation
  4. Learning and Motivation: Learning Styles
  5. Intelligence / Perception / Socialisation
  6. Maternal Attachment, Separation and Deprivation
  7. Adjustment and Maladjustment
  8. Families and Child-Rearing Practices
  9. Successful and Unsuccessful Parenting Styles
  10. Informal Theories of Development
  11. Formal Psychological Theories of Childhood Development
  12. Physical, Cognitive and Social Development.
  13. Evolutionary Background of Child Development
  14. Pre-Natal Influences and Stages of Development
  15. Detrimental Pre-Natal Effects
  16. Genetic Diseases and birth defects
  17. Common Childhood Diseases
  18. Neo-Natal and Post-Natal Psychology
  19. Social Factors in Infant Development
  20. Milestones in Development & Developmental Themes
  21. Temperamental Differences in Children
  22. Parenting and Effectiveness in Meeting Children’s Needs
  23. Children Growing-Up
  24. Pre-School Developments
  25. Imitation, Aggression, Cooperation and Competition
  26. Discipline, Reward and Punishment
  27. Pre-Adolescence and Adolescence Transition
  28. Transition to Adulthood

Mode of Final Examination and Assessment

The IMH Certificate in Child Psychology (CCP) will carry a 2-hour MCQ and True / False based internally set unseen written paper to be answered on a closed book examination mode.

Progression Pathway(s)
  • Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology
  • Diploma in Educational Psychology
  • Diploma in Special Education
  • Diploma in Psychology & Counselling
Total Course Fees (Group Class) : Total Course Fees (Group Class) : Rs. 48,000/- + Rs. 1,000/- for registration (Inclusive of an A/C class room and all course materials – Maximum of 10 students in a group due to Covid-19)

Please note that the total course fees of Rs. 49,000/- has to be paid in full by cash, card or cheque drawn in favor of ‘Institute of Mental Health’ and that the previous installment payment facility has been stopped.

Individual Fast-track Course Fees : Rs. 89,000/- + Rs. 1,000/- for registration Please note that the total course fees for the individual class only could be paid in two equal installments of Rs. 45,000/-
Distance Learning / Online Course Delivery USD $130 (for foreign students and other professionals and healthcare workers living out of the Western Province in Sri Lanka will be considered on an individual case-by-case basis).
Course Start Date (Group Class) : Wednesday 08th of February 2023 from 2 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Please enroll yourself for this course by paying the full payment of Rs. 49,000/-

Individual Class: On a mutually agreeable date and time (to be decided jointly by the participant and the resource person).

Individual Course Start Date : Individual classes can be started at any mutually convenient day and time.
Resource Person : Prof. Romesh Jayasinghe
Course Accreditation This course is fully Accredited by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH), UK

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