Certificate Course in Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy


Course Title                             :           Certificate Course in Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy

Course Description               :

Master the skills you need to propel your career forward in counselling and psychotherapy. Equip yourself with the essential knowledge and skillset that makes you a confident counsellor or psychotherapist and take your career to the next level. This comprehensive Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy course is designed to help you reach your future professional goals and aspirations.

The skills and knowledge that you will gain through studying this Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy course will help you get one step closer to your professional aspirations and develop your skills for a rewarding career.

This comprehensive 20 Hour Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy course will teach you the theory of effective counselling and psychotherapy practice and equip you with the essential counselling skills, confidence and competence to assist you in the counselling and psychotherapy industry. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the core competencies required to drive a successful career in counselling and psychotherapy.

For whom (target group)  :          School leavers after A/L’s in the any stream, University undergraduate students in any field, police and law enforcement officers, teachers, psychology and social work students, science and health education teachers, paramedical and nursing students and nursesIf you’re considering a future career or further academic or professional studies in psychology, social work or mental health counselling then you may want to consider taking this comprehensive and fast-track online independent self-study Certificate level course.

Entry Requirements:                         School leavers after A/L’s in any stream, Students and Graduates in Law, Teachers, Psychology or Social Work, Science, Biomedical Sciences, Medical doctors, police officers, clergy, nurses and other healthcare students or practitioners / professionals and age not less than 19 years, and Fluency of the English language is essential.

Course Duration                      :           4 to 6 weeks (1.0 to 1.5 Months) – part time self-study

Total No. of Study Hours     :           20 Hrs. of Independent Self-Study time

09 Course Modules / Lessons:

Module 1 – About Counselling and Psychotherapy
Module 2 – Therapeutic Environment & Sessions
Module 3 – Types of Psychotherapy
Module 4 – Different Schools of Psychotherapy
Module 5 – Psychotherapy for Key Mental Issues
Module 6 – Crisis Management through Psychotherapy
Module 7 – Child Psychotherapy
Module 8 – Job Profile of a Therapist
Module 9 – Understanding Counselling

The current 2023 all-inclusive Course Fee for new Students is as follows:

For Non-IMH Students: Rs. 25,000/-

For Previous IMH Students: Rs. 20,000/- (Discounted course fee)

For Overseas / International Students: USD $80

Course fees has to be paid in full by cash, cheque, credit / debit card or via a bank transfer payment.

Final Course Assessment / Evaluation

There are only three separate assignments to be completed at home and submitted to the IMH for evaluation. Once a “pass” grade has been achieved for all three assignments the Certificate in Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy will be awarded to the registered student.

International Course Accreditation-1

This course is fully accredited by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH), UK




International Course Accreditation-2

This course is fully endorsed and accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), Ireland





Course Registration / Enrollment

For course registration or further details please email us your request to enroll for this course by attaching your CV or including details of your academic and/or professional qualifications to: imh.colombo.sl@gmail.com