Diploma Course in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Diploma Course in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselling – 14 Weeks / 3.5 Months / 42 Hours

The third batch of the Diploma Course in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselling (conducted in Colombo-04 in English medium by Internationally Trained and Certified Addiction and Recovery Specialist Mr. Nisal Perera, MRSPH(UK)) starts on Friday the 31st of July, 2020 from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The course duration is 14 weeks (3.5 Months) and 42 Hrs. of lectures in total. Classes will be held only on Fridays. A prior knowledge or experience of basic counselling skills or knowledge in psychology (at a Degree / HND or Diploma level) is required to join this more specialized and  advanced level course.

The all-inclusive course fee for new students is Rs. 45,000/- and payable in full by cash, credit card or cheque. A maximum of only 15 (fifteen) students will be enrolled due to the Covid-19 health guidelines.

Call or text Dr. Romesh Jayasinghe on 0714-749625 or Ms. Rashmi De Silva at the IMH reception on 0112506004 or on 0112058650 during office hours for any inquiries.

42 Hrs. / 14 Weeks / 3.5 Months / 8 Modules – Diploma Course in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling for IMH Senior Students and other Psychology / Counselling Students and Health Care Professionals with a Certificate or Diploma or HND or higher level Qualification in Psychology or Counselling

Module 1: Physiology and Pharmacology for Addiction Professionals

This module presents a comprehensive overview of addiction; provides an understanding of the physiology of addiction as a brain disease; and describes the pharmacology of psychoactive substances.

Module 2: Treatment for Substance Use Disorders–The Continuum of Care for Addiction Professionals

This module provides the foundation for learning about substance use disorder treatment. It gives an overview of recovery and recovery management, stages of change, principles of effective treatment, components of treatment and evidence-based practices.

Module 3: Common Co-occurring Mental and Medical Disorders- An Overview for Addiction Professionals

This module offers an overview of the relationship between co-occurring mental and medical disorders and substance use disorder related treatment issues.

Module 4: Basic Counseling Skills for Addiction Professionals

This module focuses on an overview of the helping relationship and the opportunity to practice core counseling including basic skills in motivational interviewing, group counseling and implementation of psycho education sessions.

Module 5: Screening, Intake, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Documentation for Addiction Professionals

This module is a skills-based course that teaches effective and integrated intake, screening, assessment, treatment planning and documentation procedures to addiction professionals.

Module 6: Case Management for Addiction Professionals

The module provides a skill-based course that provides an overview of case management in substance use disorder treatment and provides skills practice in case management functions.

Module 7: Crisis Intervention for Addiction Professionals

This module addresses the concept of crisis as a part of life and provides guidelines for crisis intervention, including managing suicide risk. It also addresses ways counselors can avoid personal crisis situations by providing information and exercises about counselor self-care.

Module 8: Ethics for Addiction Professionals

This final module is on professional conduct and ethical behavior in substance use disorder treatment. It also provides participants with the opportunity to learn and practice the use of an ethical decision making tool.

This Internationally Recognized Course will be conducted by an IMH lecturer who is an Internationally Certified Addiction Treatment and Prevention Specialist and also a Global Trainer Currently working in Durdens Hospital, Negombo and Ave Maria Hospital, Negombo as an Addiction Therapist and Recovery Specialist.

Course Accreditation:

This course is fully accredited by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH), UK




Resource Person / Global Trainer: Mr. Nisal Perera, MRSPH(UK), ICAP1, ICPA, RMSSP, CPP, CSM, MITBCCT(UK), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapist, Prevention & Recovery Specialist. 

Global Trainer on Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Prevention & Recovery.


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