Diploma Course in Human Rights


Course Title               : 35 Hour Diploma Course in Huma Rights

Course Description :

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world. Whether you are brand new to the world of Human Rights, or you have a prior training and knowledge of the subject to some extent and looking to improve your skills, this course can truly help you. By the time you finish this 35 Hour Diploma in Human Rights course, you will have a sound grasp of Human Rights. This unique fast-track self-study Diploma course is fully Endorsed and Internationally Accredited by the International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights (ISCAHR), USA.

In this comprehensive 35 Hour Internationally Accredited Diploma Course in Human Rights, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the importance of human rights and wellbeing. You will learn about the fundamental concepts of human rights, exploring their origins, key principles, and significance in the modern world.

For whom (target group):            School leavers after A/L’s in any stream, University undergraduate students in any discipline, law, police and law enforcement, paramedical and nursing students and nurses, social workers and counsellorsIf you’re considering a future career in law, politics, health care, wellness, medicine, counselling, social work, psychology, diplomacy and international relations then you may want to consider taking this comprehensive and fast-track online independent self-study Diploma level course.

Entry Requirements:                         School Leavers with any three passes at A/L’s in any stream, and Students and Graduates in any field, Law, Psychology or Social Work, Biomedical Sciences, Members of the Clergy, Teachers, Police Officers, Nurses and other healthcare students or practitioners / professionals and age not less than 20 years, and Fluency of the English language is essential.

Course Duration                      :           4 to 8 weeks (1.0 to 2.0 Months) – part time self-study

Total No. of Study Hours     :           35 Hrs. of Independent Self-Study time

08 Course Modules / 34 Lessons

Module-1: Introduction to Human Rights

Lesson-1 Introduction to the concept of human rights
Lesson-2 Historical development of human rights
Lesson-3 Key international human rights instruments and treaties
Lesson-4 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
Lesson-5 Human rights principles and values

Module-2: International Human Rights Law

Lesson-1 Overview of international human rights law
Lesson-2 The role of the United Nations in human rights protection
Lesson-3 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
Lesson-4 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
Lesson-5 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

Module-3: Human Rights in the UK

Lesson-1 The Human Rights Act 1998
Lesson-2 The European Convention on Human Rights and UK law
Lesson-3 Devolution and human rights in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Lesson-4 UK case law and landmark human rights cases
Lesson-5 Human rights institutions in the UK

Module-4: Specific Human Rights Issues

Lesson-1 Right to life and capital punishment
Lesson-2 Freedom of expression and media rights
Lesson-3 Rights of minorities and discrimination
Lesson-4 Gender equality and women’s rights
Lesson-5 LGBTQ+ rights and discrimination

Module-5: Human Rights Advocacy and Practice

Lesson-1 Human rights advocacy strategies
Lesson-2 Human rights research and documentation
Lesson-3 Working with human rights organizations
Lesson-4 Case studies in human rights advocacy
Lesson-5 Preparing and presenting human rights reports

Module-6: Contemporary Challenges

Lesson-1 Human rights in the digital age
Lesson-2 Refugee and migrant rights
Lesson-3 Environmental rights and climate justice
Lesson-4 Terrorism and national security vs. civil liberties
Lesson-5 Emerging global human rights challenges

Module-7: Ethics and Human Rights

Lesson-1 Ethical dilemmas in human rights work
Lesson-2 Cultural relativism vs. universalism
Lesson-3 Human rights and business ethics
Lesson-4 The role of NGOs and civil society in upholding ethics

Module-8: Global Human Rights Violations Case Studies

The current 2024 all-inclusive Course Fee for new Students is as follows:

For Non-IMH Students: Rs. 35,000/-

For Previous IMH Students: Rs. 30,000/- (Discounted course fee)

For Overseas / International Students: USD $125

Course fees has to be paid in full by cash, cheque, credit / debit card or via a bank transfer payment.

Final Course Assessment / Evaluation

There are four separate assignments to be completed at home and submitted to the IMH for evaluation. Once a “pass” grade has been achieved for all four assignments the Internationally Accredited Diploma in Human Rights and course transcript will be awarded to the registered student.

International Course Accreditation-1

This course is fully endorsed and Accredited by the International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rights (ISCAHR), USA









Course Registration / Enrollment

For course registration or further details please email us your request to enroll for this course by attaching your CV or including details of your academic and/or professional qualifications to: imh.colombo.sl@gmail.com