Team of IMH Psychological Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Senior Psychological Counsellors / Psychotherapists / Counselling Psychologists
  1. Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, Ph.D.(Psy.) Dh.C.(Florida) B.Sc.(USA) FRSM(UK) FRSPH(UK) FACCPH(UK) FTBCCT(UK) M.Inst.Psy MBCS(UK) Grad.Dip.Ed.(UK) Adv.Dip.(Psychology) Adv.Dip.(Child Psychology) H.I.Dip.(Complementary Therapies) H.I.Dip.(Stress Management) Dip.(Adv. Counselling & Psychotherapy) Dip.(Hypnotherapy) Dip.(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Dip.(Educational Psychology) Dip.(Health Studies) Dip. in Human Rights(SL) Dip.B.A.(India) Higher Dip.(Kent, UK) Dip.(Mental Health) Dip.(Child Psychology) Dip.(Philosophy) Cert.(Integrative Mental Health) – Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (USA), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Advanced (USA), Certified Master Life Coach (USA), Certified Coach in Life Optimization (USA), Certified Relationship Coach (USA), Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children (USA), Certified Self-Confidence Coach (USA), Professor of Applied Psychology and Vice Chancellor for Asia – Young Scientists University (USA), Former Director – Behavioral Sciences Sri Lanka and Former International Senate Member of the Open International University for Complementary Medicines (OIUCM), Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (UK), Fellow and Registered Supervisor of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (UK), Fellow of the British Council for Complementary Therapies (UK), Member of the International Council of Psychologists (USA), Member of the Association for Psychological Science (USA), Member of the International Association of Applied Psychology (USA / Canada / France), Member of the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (UK), Member of the World Public Health Nutrition Association (UK), Member of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience (Australia), International Affiliate Member of the American Psychological Association (USA), Member and Academy Ambassador of the New York Academy of Sciences (USA),  Member of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association (Australia), Member of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (New Zealand), 2016 Gold Medalist for Contribution in the field of Mental Health (Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, India), Life Member of the International Society for Philosophers (UK), Member of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), Singapore, Founding Member of the Global Academic Leaders Academy (GALA), UAE. _____________________________________________________________
Visiting Junior Psychological Counsellors / Psychotherapists (Under Clinical Supervisory Practice)
  1. Dr. Anojana Jeyaseelan, MBBS, MITBCCT(UK), Dip.Psyc.C(SL)
  2. Dr. Yasoja Gunawardene, M.D., Dip.Psy.C.(SL), CRC(SL)
  3. Dr. H. G. Upul Ajith Kumara, M.D., CLC(SL), CRC(SL), MITBCCT(UK), Dip.Psy.C.(SL), Dip. CAP(SL), Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL), Cert.(Abnormal Psy.)
  4. Dr. Kumudini Kodituwakku, MBBS, MITBCCT(UK), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  5. Ms. Udhara Munasinghe, B.Sc., M.Sc., PG.Dip.(Counselling & Psychosocial Support), CLC(SL), MITBCCT(UK)
  6. Ms. Shashi Wickramaratne, MBA, Dip.Psyc.C(SL)
  7. Ms. Gowri Nithiyanantham, B.Sc.(Colombo), PMP, MITBCCT(UK), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy), Cert.Psyc.(SL)
  8. Mr. Mark Thrimawithana, MBA, MSLIM, Dip.Psy.C.(SL), Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach
  9. Ms. Manisha Silva, B.A.(Psy.), MITBCCT(UK) Adv.Dip.Psyc.B.S.(MA-OIUCM) Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL) Dip.Psyc.C.(SL) Cert.(Addiction Psych.)
  10. Ms. Antoinette James, B.A.(Psy.), MITBCCT(UK) Adv.Dip.Psyc.B.S.(MA-OIUCM) Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL) Dip.Psyc.C.(SL) Cert.(Addiction Psych.)
  11. Ms. Abinayaa Ravikumar, B.A.(Psy.), MITBCCT(UK) Adv.Dip.Psyc.B.S.(MA-OIUCM) Dip.CAP(SL) Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL) Dip.Psyc.C.(SL) Cert.(Addiction Psych.)
  12. Ms. Rukshana Faiz, MITBCCT(UK) CLC(SL) Dip.(Psy.), Dip.Psyc.C(SL) Dip.CAP(SL) Cert.(Addiction Psych.) – Music Relaxation Therapist
  13. Ms. Nazreen Nilam, MITBBCT(UK) CLC(SL) Dip.Psyc.B.S.(MA-OIUCM), Dip.Psy.C.(SL) Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL)
  14. Ms. Jenina Musthafa, MITBBCT(UK) CLC(SL) Dip.Psyc.B.S.(MA-OIUCM) Dip.Psyc.C.(SL) Cert.(Hypnotherapy) – Hypnotherapist
  15. Mr. Graeme W. Vonhagt, MITBCCT(UK) Dip.Psych.C(SL), Dip.CAP(SL), Cert.(Abnormal Psy.), Cert.(Addiction Psy.)
  16. Mr. Thivanka Wickramasinghe, A.A.(Psy.), MITBCCT(UK), Dip.Psyc.C(SL), CRC(SL), Cert.(Abnormal Psy.), Cert.(Addiction Psych.)
  17. Ms. Ziyana Zuhair, B.A.(Psy.), MITBCCT(UK), HND(Psychology), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  18. Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Gaffar, AMABE(UK), MITBCCT(UK), Dip.TT(SL), Dip.Psy.C(SL)
  19. Ms. Aishath Nazla, MITBCCT(UK), Dip.TT(SL), Dip.Psy.C(SL), Cert.(Addiction Psych.)
  20. Ms. Nadee Wickramasinghe, BBA(Hons.), MBA, MCIM(UK), MITBCCT(UK), CLC(SL), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  21. Ms. Ishani Aluwihare, A.A.(Psy.), ACMA(UK), MITBCCT(UK), CLC(SL), CRC(SL), Dip.CAP(SL), Dip.Psy.C(SL), Cert.(Abnormal Psy.)
  22. Ms. Shalinthi Fernando, MITBCCT(UK), Dip.Psy.C.(SL), Dip.CAP, Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL), Cert.(Abnormal Psy.), Cert.(Addiction Psy.), Cert.(Hypnothrerapy)
  23. Ms. Nishani Uduwage, CRC(SL), MITBCCT(UK), Dip.Psy.C.(SL), MITBCCT(UK)
  24. Mr. Sumedha Witharana, CLC(SL), CRC(SL), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy), MITBCCT(UK)
  25. Mr. Maxwell Aloysius, CLC(SL), CRC(SL), MITBCCT(UK)
  26. Dr. G. Priyanthie Dissanayake, M.D.(Honors) USSR, CLC(SL), Dip.Psy.C.(SL), Dip.CAP(SL), Dip.Ed.Psy.(SL)
  27. Ms. Dilmini De Silva, B.Sc., MITBCCT(UK), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  28. Ms. Yoshini Tennekoon, MITBCCT(UK), Cert.(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  29. Ms. Prashanthi Perinpanayagam

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