Team of IMH Certified Relationship Coaches

Team of IMH Certified RELATIONSHIP Coaches

Congratulations and best wishes to our highly talented and professional Team of IMH Certified Relationship Coaches!

  • CLC – Certified Life Coach
  • CRC – Certified Relationship Coach


  • 1. Ms. Dinili Seneviratne, Dip.Psy.C., Dip.CAP., Dip.Ed.Psy., CLC, CRC
    2. Dr. Chamindri Witharana, Ph.D., CRC
    3. Ms. Sukita Amarasinghe, CRC
    4. Ms. Induni Wickramasinghe, B.Sc., Dip.CAP., CLC, CRC
    5. Mr. Thivanka Wickramasinghe, Dip.Psy.C., CRC
    6. Dr. Yasoja Gunawardene, M.D., Dip.Psy.C., CRC
  • 7. Ms. Ishani Arundathi Aluwihare, Dip.Psy.C., Dip.CAP., CLC, CRC
  • 8. Ms. Aishath Neena, CLC, CRC
  • 9. Mr. Ramith Samaranayake, Dip.Psy.C., CLC, CRC
  • 10. Ms. Iromi Herath, CRC
  • 11. Dr. H. G. Upul Ajith Kumara, M.D., Dip.Psy.C., Dip. CAP, Dip. Ed.Psy., CLC, CRC
  • 12. Dr. Thulanjalee Balalla, CLC, CRC
  • 13. Mr. Sumedha Witharana, CLC, CRC
  • 14. Ms. Yohani De Silva, CLC, CRC
  • 15. Ms. Nishani Uduwage, Dip.Psy.C, CRC
  • 16. Ms. P. L. A. H. Maduwanthi Ekanayake, CRC

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