Distance Learning / Online Courses

The following IMH Certificate and Diploma courses are now available for distance learning study using online email delivery of course study materials and video learning modules for foreign students / professionals and for Sri Lankan students, professionals and other healthcare practitioners living or working outside of the Western Province in Sri Lanka. Please contact us by sending your details or CV by an email to: imh.colombo.sl@gmail  for further details on course enrollment procedures and bank details for course fee payment/transfer.

  1. Certificate Course in General Psychology – 36 Hours
  2. Certificate Course in Counselling & Psychotherapy – 36 Hours
  3. Certificate Course in Child Psychology – 36 Hours
  4. Certificate Course in Positive and Responsible Parenting – 30 Hours
  5. Certificate Course in Educational Psychology – 36 Hours
  6. Certificate Course in Abnormal Psychology – 30 Hours
  7. Certificate Course in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – 30 Hours
  8. Certificate Course in Diet and Nutrition for Health and Beauty – 30 Hours
  9. Diploma Course in Child & Adolescent Psychology – 48 Hours
  10. Diploma Course in Special Education – 48 Hours
  11. Diploma Course in Health Psychology – 42 Hours
  12. Diploma Course in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – 42 Hours
  13. Diploma Course in Abnormal Psychology and Psychopathology – 72 Hours