Certificate Course in Positive and Responsible Parenting

10 Weeks 30 Hours Certificate Course in Positive and Responsible Parenting








Course Title        :               Certificate Course in Positive and Responsible Parenting

Good parenting skills are something we learn, not something we are born with. Being a more effective parent or caretaker is possible for everyone!

This course can help you get your parenting skills to where you want them to be. It covers a broad range of topics, including what parenting skills are, child development, understanding temperament, intellectual development, communicating with your kids, the dynamics of discipline, instilling self-esteem, teaching children values, meeting their needs, being a good role model, and more!

This course will help you understand your child’s personality, challenges, and how to go about being the most effective parent you can be! You will learn about those things that are crucial in the first years of life, how to use positive discipline, avoid power struggles, and how to determine a need from a want.

For whom (target group) :  This course is ideal for all parents, but can also be a very useful tool for caretakers, grandparents, teachers, and anyone who spends a lot of time helping to shape the minds of the next generation. This course provides an overview of all the parenting skills that are necessary to raise a healthy and well-adjusted adult. It will also help you learn where and why some challenges may arise and how to best go about overcoming them.

If you are about to become a parent, would like to become a more effective parent, or you want to learn more about how to effectively guide children, this course is for you! After taking this course you will never look at parenting in quite the same way again!

Entry Requirements         :               G.C.E. A/L’s or O/L’s and Fluency of the English language is  essential

Coursl.e Duration               :               3 Months – part time study

Contact Hours                      :               3 Hrs. per week

Total No. of Classes           :               10 class-contact sessions

Total No. of Contact Hrs :               30 Hrs. of Lectures (class contact time)

Class Times                           :               9.00 a.m to 12.00 noon on Fridays for the group class

Course Modules (Syllabus Outline)      

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Parenting Skills
  2. Lesson 2: Understanding Child Development
  3. Lesson 3: Understanding Temperament
  4. Lesson 4: Encouraging Intellectual Development
  5. Lesson 5: Communicating with Your Kids
  6. Lesson 6: The Dynamics of Discipline
  7. Lesson 7: Instilling Self-Esteem in Your Child
  8. Lesson 8: Teaching Your Child Values and Morals
  9. Lesson 9: Supporting Your Child’s Socialization
  10. Lesson 10: Meeting Your Child’s Needs
  11. Lesson 11: Being a Good Role Model
  12. Lesson 12: Diverse Family Situations
  13. Lesson 13: 10 Things that Will Make a Huge Difference (and Why)
  14. Lesson 14: Practice for Improvement
  15. Lesson 15: Resources for Parents

Mode of Evaluation and Assessment

The IMH Certificate in Positive and Responsible Parenting will be awarded to all registered participants who achieve a minimum class attendance of 80%. There will be no formal examination at the end of the course but individual evaluation will be done by continuous assessments during the course through active participation in lectures and group discussions.

Progression Pathways                                     :   Certificate in Child Psychology                                                                                                                                                             Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology

Total Course Fees (Group Class)                :    Total Course Fees (Group Class) : Rs. 29,000/- + Rs. 1,000/- for registration (Inclusive of an A/C class room and all course materials – Maximum of 10 students in a group). Please note that the total course fees could be paid in three equal monthly installments of Rs. 10,000/-

Individual Fast-track Course Fees            :       Rs. 69,000/- + Rs. 1,000/- for registration Please note that the total course fees could be paid in two equal installments of Rs. 35,000/-

Course Start Date (Group Class)                 :       Friday the 14th of September 2018 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Please enroll yourself for this course by paying the first installment of Rs. 10,000/- on or before 8th of September 2018.

Resource Person: Dr. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe